Plumbing Services Available in Brighton, including Hove, Shoreham, Rottingdean, Hurstpierpoint & Kingston near Lewes

Operating in Brighton and Sussex, and available across the surrounding areas; we're proud to offer our plumbing services to the highest quality with 20 Years of experience in the industry. From Hove, Shoreham, Rottingdean, Hurstpierpoint and Kingston on Lewes, we can ensure that your plumbing projects are installed professionally! Find out more below about how we can keep your home in great condition. 

Plumbing Services Across Brighton and Sussex Areas

Here at Aquarius Plumbing, we can provide a range of plumbing services for your home; from installing new sinks and toilets to repairing any plumbing issues your home might be experiencing. Whether its an irritating kitchen/bathroom tap that just keeps dripping; a blocked drain that's causing problems with your home or even a pipe that is leaking; then look no further, and let us resolve your plumbing problems! We're well equipped to help in your time of need when it comes to plumbing your home, so find out exactly why you should choose us below; along with contact details to get in touch with us. 

Why Choose Aquarius Plumbing? 

Not only are we confident that we can get the job done, and done properly; we have 20 Years experience in the industry and are an accredited boiler installer with Ideal, Vaillant and Worcester. On top of this, we're also Gas Safe Registered. With all of these accomplishments and attributes, why look any further in Brighton and the Sussex areas for your plumbing and heating needs? 

Need Plumbing Services in Brighton and Sussex Areas? 

On a final note; get in touch today and request a quote for your plumbing projects and let us help to keep your home in the best condition! If you're in Hove, Shoreham, Rottingdean, Hurstpierpoint or Kingston on Lewes, you're in the right area for us to come out and get the job done! You can get in touch with us via phone number; 07971284454 or email:  Alternatively, why not use our contact page and we'll get back to you shortly. Also, take a read of the reviews page. We'd also like to inform you that we can accept card payments. 

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